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25 Colors Double Head Highlighter Pen Mildliner Colors Fluorescent Highlighters Art Marker School&Office Art Stationery Supply

(99 customer reviews)


SKU: CJBG1082101 Category: 1

Product information

Item No.; ZP618

Shell material; plastic

Specification; optional

Model; ZP618

Packing method; boxed

Whether double-headed; yes

Whether it is erasable; No

Trade attributes; domestic trade

Print LOGO; no

Customized processing; No

Whether to import; No

Refill color; calm color (5 pens), light color (5 pens), warm color (5 pens), fluorescent color (5 pens), 25 color set

Whether it is a gift; No

Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

25 color suit, Calm color, Light color, Phosphor, Warm and elegant

99 reviews for 25 Colors Double Head Highlighter Pen Mildliner Colors Fluorescent Highlighters Art Marker School&Office Art Stationery Supply

  1. P***P

    According to the product, it paints the same as in the photo

  2. R***s

    Great quality

  3. F***r

    Llegó en 26 días (Chile), los colores son muy lindos, la caja no tiene ningún daño y no se traspasan, pero esto también va a depender de la presión ejercida. Recomiendo la compra 🙂

    Los colores son más claros que el de la foto (n°3).
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  4. D***z

    The colors are cute, I 'd buy again. Thank you so much for everything. 100% recommended. Nice presentation. Thank you.

  5. N***s

    These pens are amazing. Identical to the original Zebra mildliners.
    no remarkno remark

  6. L***z

    I have arrived in a week, they paint very well and the colors are the same as in the photo.
    no remarkno remark

  7. L***o

    Looks good and great colors. Received the order in less than 2 weeks. The fastest I've ever had here.

  8. T***r

    Super bonitoss feel quality
    no remark

  9. O***h

    The child is happy.

  10. V***a

    Pens are beautiful, they are fluorescent colors not cakes, it has two tips, one is a marker and another a down, I love it because you have dual functionality and they are very practical, besides the colors are divine, I ordered others because it's really worth buying.
    The seller is very kind, gives you the deliveries in time, for example to me they arrived 1 month later. This fast, and I recommend it to people who are just learning to make their notes with different colors with the plumons or pens.
    no remarkno remark

  11. V***v

    The order did not come. There was no tracking tracker.

  12. A***h

    Markers Super! So far I did not draw much, but the colors are bright, as in the photo. Seller Thank you

  13. N***r

    The colors are very nice and do not transcend the leaf

  14. O***v

    Markers class! Double, the goods came very quickly, everything was tracked
    no remark

  15. U***r

    I loved it just that in the blue package the green color is very but very off is to say dark and that's all but I liked them very much

  16. C***z

    en descripción dice que se trata de lápices mildliner, pero en realidad la marca es Highlighter

  17. C***z

    According to description, they are mildliner, however, highlighter

  18. S***s

    Perfect and no one of blank! Within 1 week binnengekregen!

  19. L***r

    they are so super swag i recommend!!!

  20. C***r

    I hadn't noticed they had double heads that's great, good quality for the price
    no remarkno remark

  21. A***r

    Very beautiful color, fast delivery to Moscow
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  22. T***s

    25 Double head highlight pen in 5 pen box set, for drawing, highlight or painting…
    no remarkno remark

  23. T***s

    25 Double head highlight pen in 5 pen box set, for drawing, highlight or painting…
    no remarkno remark

  24. T***s

    25 Double head highlight pen in 5 pen box set, for drawing, highlight or painting…
    no remarkno remark

  25. T***s

    25 Double head highlight pen in 5 pen box set, for drawing, highlight or painting…
    no remarkno remark

  26. T***s

    25 Double head highlight pen in 5 pen box set, for drawing, highlight or painting…
    no remarkno remark

  27. L***l

    Good quality! But two of the colours are the same shade.

  28. K***s

    as pictured

  29. V***o

    Everything perfect
    no remarkno remark

  30. V***a

    The order came to me just as quickly as last time, the duvets are very good and highly recommended. A month ago I bought those duvets but in other colors and they're very pretty, I love them.
    The colors that come are, an apple green, a sky blue, Gris, lilac, and cherry red.

    I thank the seller for delivering the products because they are very cute, and I will continue to buy at your shop. 11/10
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  31. C***a

    It is exactly as shown in the image

  32. G***r

    I'm a fan, I advise you to take them.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  33. A***n


  34. C***z

    I see them high in price for what they are

  35. E***r

    no remark

  36. A***r

    – the package came at a reasonable time
    – it's very cute
    – the ink is amazing and smooth
    – there's a light smudge if you highlight directly after writing some thing down but it's nothing too bad
    – there was no miss communication
    – no faults and failures
    – a bit pricy but idm
    – all the colours were very vibrant and pretty
    – I will surely use this for my school work
    – brand new
    no remarkno remark

  37. K***r

    The product is very nice. It arrives quite quickly considering the length it has to travel, and came safely without any sign of destruction during travel. I did mistake them for normal mildliners when I bought them, when they are in fact not, but that’s on me. The colors are nice and you can see swatches in a leuchtturm1917 bullet journal in the pictures below
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  38. M***n

    15 days to arrive in NZ. Everything working perfectly. Recommend
    no remark

  39. K***a

    Beautiful markers!
    no remark

  40. C***o

    Satisfied there is a lot of color more here to test
    no remark

  41. I***r

    I liked everything! only the package is a little overrun! Markers are good, I advise everyone!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. U***r

    The goods are pre-war. Come schvidko, no problem. Markeri malyut Dobra, Kolori beelsh pastel. Love)
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  43. R***z

    Second time I buy these and keep recommending them, very good and cheap

  44. A***i

    Pretty accurate. They paint well

  45. V***v

    I have long wanted to order these textors, thank you to the seller
    no remarkno remark

  46. F***s

    todo según la descripción, muy buena calidad y rápido envío
    no remarkno remark

  47. F***r

    sayonara…. Koro-sensei….ಥ‿ಥ

  48. P***s

    Lindos colores, pigmentan muy bien y se traspasa muy poco por detrás de la hoja.
    no remarkno remark

  49. J***c

    I was fascinated with the colors and quality of the markers, they are so beautiful, the texture is soft and very pleasant. I recommend the seller, I'll buy back 🙂
    no remark

  50. A***h

    Some of the tips are dry and every tip is shaped weirdly. Some are rounded and some are like normal highlighters. Very disappointed but at least I can still use some of them.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  51. R***r

    Chic masters. Colors are good. No marriage
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  52. P***r

    They came quickly, but the packaging was crumpled and one of the markers has the tip damaged. Colors chic
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  53. T***a

    They arrived in perfect condition

  54. R***r

    All superr, delivery is fast.
    no remark

  55. G***l

    Very good markers. Delivered quickly, the parcel was tracked. I liked everything.

  56. P***i

    Fast delivery. Accurate description. I recommend this seller.

  57. N***A

    Excellent markers, beautiful colors came quickly, I recommend

  58. P***e

    Shipping wasn't very fast but reasonable. They're doing great. He's already started drawing with them.
    Two separate packs of 25 pens were purchased.

  59. V***v

    товар пришел за 10 дней в Пермь. Все маркеры качественные, на фото показано как они просвечивают, если честно я ожидала что будет хуже, но на удивление совсем чучуть просвечивают. Есть небольшой брак на одном из маркеров для сравнения сфоткала с другим. не знаю пересохнет от этого или нет, но то что он плохо держится из за этого это точно. За все ставлю максимальный балл, так как из за одного маркера считаю не стоит снижать оценку.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  60. D***r

    The tips broke off/ chips very easily, I only tried it out once and many of the tips started to chip.

  61. G***a

    jamás llegaron, y el vendedor no quería realizar el rembolso, pésimo servicio !!!

  62. A***e

    Good seller, all underscores work perfectly, I recommend.
    no remark

  63. A***T

    Order on August 05
    Reception FRANCE on August 12 in Colissimo
    Shipping envelope paper bubbles

    Article in accordance with the announcement
    Set of 25 felt duo
    Each felt has one side felt medium tip
    + 1 side marker/bizarre tip

    All work
    Color palette… watch my tests
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  64. B***o

    Very fast delivery I really liked the seller
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  65. I***o

    Good quality felt pens
    no remark

  66. T***r

    Its great i love it!!
    no remark

  67. S***z

    Colors not all correspond

  68. J***a

    Fast delivery, less than a week
    no remarkno remark

  69. A***n

    Profits quickly, on the account of quality have not yet tried… but look very good

  70. E***r

    Perfect the truth

  71. P***r

    As description, recommend

  72. A***a

    Very good and stress amazing

  73. M***s

    Todo perfecto, producto igual que la foto
    no remark

  74. M***s

    Had a problem with this order. However, the seller quickly offered to solve the problem. Recommend this seller.

  75. U***a

    Just terrible, I instead of these textors came acrylic felt-tip pens, the seller does not answer my messages and the dispute, so insulting, because I wanted to write beautiful beautiful beautiful with

  76. U***r

    very good colours! they have a fine tip aswell. the colours are accurate and good consistency! would totally buy again! (^-^)
    no remarkno remark

  77. A***a

    I love them! Very fast delivery and super pretty colors

  78. T***v

    Came the wrong goods

  79. K***a

    They paint super good the truth is I love colors: D

  80. G***g

    Nothing to say, received in 10 days they are faithful to the photo and do not chat on the back page I recommend 100%
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  81. V***a

    Come with 10 days on schedule, write well and have tantissimi colors! I was afraid of quality but nothing less Mildliner

  82. 7***r

    Very sorry do this packet midliners ordered only never got. I am now 13,78 lost. I would like my money back want!!

  83. S***r

    Текстовыделители очень классные! Заказывала набор из 25 штук, пришли хорошо запакованные и в полном комплекте. Качество на уровне Mildliners, хоть и гораздо ниже в цене. Однозначно буду заказывать ещё, они полностью себя окупают.
    no remark

  84. D***n


  85. N***n

    not received

  86. W***r

    These are nice pens, but they are not Mildliners. These pens are made by another company to imitate the Zebra Mildliners, but they are not authentic. That being said, they work well and the colours are nice, but they don't correspond exactly to the Mildliner colours. Also, I find these pens have some colours that look extremely similar. For example, the blue and the teal look almost identical, even though the pen caps are quite different colours (picture below). However, these pens do not bleed through the paper very much. I used them on thin notebook paper and they show through the paper the same as the Zebra Mildliners, or maybe even a little bit less (picture below). Overall, very happy with my purchase. Shipping was about 7 weeks to Canada.
    no remarkno remark

  87. M***o

    works perfectly fine. the colors also look good~

  88. F***r

    très bien

  89. S***z


  90. N***S

    Very nice color

  91. L***l

    Arrived pretty fast, they are SO good, the colors aren't always very accurate to the pen but they all work well and have really nice colors
    no remarkno remark

  92. T***r

    Perfect I give you a 1000000000000000 of 10 is quality, very nice color tones, the price, does not pass, fit in all kinds of case
    . I recommend it to you at 100%.
    no remarkno remark

  93. A***e

    Super cute took a while to come because of delay a but still would totally recommend!

  94. G***h

    The product came in perfect condition. And I liked all the highlighter.
    no remark

  95. K***e

    They are the same qje the mildliner, there is no difference except the price. At the end they cost me 9 € instead of 11 € so I'm very happy 🙂 I highly recommend it if you have bullet journal, they arrived in a week
    no remark

  96. R***s


  97. M***s

    Some do not paint well

  98. E***r

    Pintan muy bien. Me costaron 11 euros, excelente relación calidad-precio.

  99. A***a

    I arrive sooner than expected. They are very nice and the colors very nice
    no remarkno remark

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