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Men’s automatic mechanical waterproof luminous watch

(100 customer reviews)


SKU: CJZBNSJX00950 Category: 1

Product information:

Movement: fully automatic mechanical movement

Table mirror: mineral strengthened glass mirror

Strap: original leather strap

Function: hollow

Waterproof: life waterproof

Dial length: 43mm

Dial thickness: 14mm

Strap width: 22mm

Strap circumference: 220mm

Package Content:

1*Mechanical watch

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 140 × 65 × 35 cm

Black black black, Black green brown, Rose Green Brown, Rose White Brown, Rose gold black, Silver black black, Silver blue black, Silver white black

100 reviews for Men’s automatic mechanical waterproof luminous watch

  1. K***v

    Looks very luxurious. A little bit heavy. I very like this. Interesting and very secure wristlock. Nothing clatters, absolutely noiseless works. Flywheel is very sensitive, on minimal watch movement, he's flyes.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  2. P***h

    excellent choice
    no remark

  3. M***m

    Perfect loopt perfect

  4. S***d


  5. J***m

    Product does not work. also made an inquiry
    Feedback also slowness.

  6. A***l

    beautiful and stylish
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. A***g

    This price top
    no remarkno remark

  8. K***u

    A beautiful watch is expidier quickly congratulations…
    no remark

  9. A***l

    Thank you for a beautiful watch and a wonderful seller

  10. G***r

    Watch very beautiful

  11. C***r


  12. A***l

    Seller cheater I made color 5 order but color 2 was sent. I also ordered another new product but the seller reported that it will not dispatch the product I purchased unless I cancel the previous dispute. Disrespectful and blackmail seller
    no remark

  13. D***v

    Nice watches

  14. J***o

    Very nice. The truth is, it's amazing. Fancy function. The size is suitable, it does not weigh. The finish is perfect. I'm impressed. Maybe I'll buy another one. See how he behaves over time. I'll tell you about it.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  15. J***r

    Gorgeous watch, function perfect, good price.

  16. A***v

    Watch got! Before buying, I contacted the seller, I will note that the seller is polite and goes to meet in requests. Watch in a black oblong glossy box. They look very nice. Inside the instruction in Chinese and English, each style of the watch has its own explanation and VIP warranty. The watch looks solid and beautiful! Let's see how they work. Recommend!

  17. P***n

    Simple use and terrific

  18. W***w

    good watch and

    fast delivery

  19. U***r

    excellent watch for the money
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  20. G***f

    The strap is not fixed like it appears in the picture and there is no way I can fix it myself.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  21. Y***y

    Perfect Chinese envy. Etc. machine sound ㅋ
    no remarkno remark

  22. 0***r

  23. N***h

    Nice watch.
    I ordered it with a green dial, in my opinion it's the most spectacular and cool watch. They look quality, expensive. Not for a small hand.

  24. A***v

    Everything works

  25. M***d

    very good
    no remarkno remark

  26. M***N

    Bought 11.11 on sale for 2600! Quality top is simple!! They look very solid. Very cool everything is glued, equipped!! Recommend!!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  27. D***n

    For such money, the best option. The watch looks very cool

  28. P***z

    All right, quality good, a little big and feel its weight on hand.

  29. S***m

    This is probably the fastest shipping from China to Sochi. ordered 11.11 received 22.11. could get two days early if there would be no delay in the mail.
    The watch looks great, beautiful and feels like not a dummy on the hand. In general, I really like it. The only negative that upset me very, one button does not work, namely, the one that is deaf.
    I will not open a dispute and I will not shoot a star either.
    Thank you and good luck. So I recommend.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  30. N***v

    The watch came in 8 days, packed in a box and a bag of pupyrkami, did not rub the parcel at all. Spent about 3 T. ₽., in reality, they look much better than on the site, they look powerful, for the day of operation do not fall behind, didn't run away. Arrows: for 9 hours-the day of the week, and for two divisions, one until noon, second after noon, for 3 hours: I realized so it's a month, the seller said so. Date: one figure is barely noticeable above the other (see Photo). The strap on the last hole as a button, apparently the calculation on the skinny handle of the teenager, from this I can not evaluate the quality of the strap. In general, the purchase is satisfied. I recommend the seller, answers questions fairly quickly and accessible.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  31. L***a

    Watch chic!!! I will make several more orders from this seller. Packing is good. The clock is coming. the shipment is very fast!
    no remark

  32. I***k

    The watch is beautiful, as in the photo. Everything is fine for now, but the left DIAL does not work, just for beauty. Took for 2500 rubles on sale 11.11.2020. Therefore, for such a price you have to put up, something does not work
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  33. R***T

    thanks sir, already received

  34. N***v

    The seller is excellent recommend, in eight days it came. The clock looks expensive, I recommend. Seller repost.

  35. A***

    Watch Super! Delivery is very fast, 10 days to Armavir! Packed in a branded box and a navel.

  36. A***v

    Good seller recommend.

  37. Y***a

    מישלוח very fast arrived within week ממהזמנה. Thank you!
    Product good as described in the picture very top quality 100%. recommend to the seller!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  38. E***o

    The clock is excellent, correspond to the description. Came to St. Petersburg in 10 days. The seller also quickly sent. On the hand look great. All buttons and arrows function. In general, the watch is chic. A great gift to any man
    no remarkno remark

  39. Z***n

    Fire clock

  40. D***y

    The watch is very good, look expensive, the strap is leatherette, but not bad, the chronograph is a day of the week and a month, there's no stopwatch.

  41. S***o

    Thank you for your prompt shipment.
    The green dial is beautiful.
    The quality of the leather belt is also good.
    There seems to be no initial failure.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. C***g


  43. I***a

    The watch is good, it corresponds to the description

  44. L***o

    Watch lovely looks fantastically great the presents wonderfully cyka I am very happy with your purchase. See as quality problems but I feel like purchase one more in different color. Recommend
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  45. A***c

    perfect !

  46. A***i

    Excellent product with quality material. Beautiful and perfect watch. ultra fast in posting.
    no remark

  47. A***Y

    Excellent fast shipping super seller thanks
    no remark

  48. A***v

    Clock bomb! Everything is super! Quality at altitude!
    no remark

  49. D***a

    Excellent product.

  50. S***h

    The great luxury the best deal on aliexpress thank you
    no remark

  51. M***v

    Excellent watches look great. Two weeks of delivery. Everything works.

  52. L***l

    Fast arrived here in Brazil, bought 11-11 arrived 25-11 great watch all buttons works
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  53. A***l

    I did not receive the order but the amount was refunded

  54. F***r

    belle montre

  55. V***v

    Order shipped very quickly and quickly delivered, the goods are tracked. The order was 11.11, and came to Stavropol 26.11. The watch looks chic, when they opened the box they walked, the pendulum of the podochki flows obediently at each slope. To the seller respect and respect, I advise to buy this and other goods from him.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  56. D***k

    very nice watch, looks solid. on the hand it looks very expensive and prestigious. worth recommending. I don't know how the movement works, too quickly to judge the heart of the watch
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  57. M***v

    Heavy, beautiful watches
    no remark

  58. G***n

    Very good hours, I was satisfied!

  59. S***s

    It's not a watch! This is a super watch!!!
    Beauty is indescribable

  60. P***p

    The seller did a great job, sent Maha, in Ufa came in less than two weeks, before the due date.
    Packed well.
    A box and all the wraps with a monualomi on the company's own place is beautiful, you can safely wear a gift.
    Now about the watch itself: made qualitatively, metal glass is all like from under the best milling machines.
    The only location of the chronograph and date buttons is very not correct, but this is a technical problem since each button is located next to the mechanism that it moves.
    On the hand sits perfectly, in the light the dial is iridescent.
    Now the cons: a second hand recognizes difficult because it merges!
    Hurry for a day for an hour!
    But I'm the one who fixed the fad fur,
    If anyone has such problems, take them-watchmakers should know!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  61. V***v

    These are aferists. Sent me a thermometer instead of a clock
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  62. D***y

    Surprised by the apparent high quality of this watch though I would not call it a chronograph, more accurately I would call it a day/date/month complication as the left subdial indicates the day and the right subdial indicates the month.
    All in all I would definitely recommend this watch.
    no remark

  63. T***a

    Very beautiful and stylish watch. My husband really liked.

  64. G***n


  65. S***v

    The watch came very quickly, did not even expect such a speed, the clock is straight quality, good-quality, everything in them works, the purchase is satisfied, look worthy, I would even say chic and expensive! Take, you will not regret, straight top for your money!!!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  66. E***v

    Gəldi Təşəkkurlər in Sifarişin
    no remark

  67. A***v

    Very cute watch, attractive appearance. But it is unlikely that they can be worn.
    They do not sit on the hand, but stick out! All the time you're clinging to them. It's crossing out all the pluses.
    Terribly uncomfortable to use.

  68. V***s

    Am satisfied with the product, delivers what is described in the announcement.

  69. F***r

    no remark

  70. C***f

    Excellent, very fast

  71. R***v

    Thank you to the seller, the watch came quickly. The clock is beautiful, you can for a gift! All is well, but only one "but": one button that shows the number of weeks does not work. Probably I alone got such a hit (it's a pity that everything is not perfect, I bought at a discount of 2600₽, and so the clock is cool, I advise others, you can be lucky))
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  72. F***I

    Very nice
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  73. Y***o

    Watch Super! Thank you very much seller!

  74. 0***r

    The clock is defective, one arrow is missing, do not go. Made a refund with a partial loss of money.
    no remark

  75. B***e

    Beautiful watch, thank you.

  76. B***r

    Very nice watch, apparently solid, neat packaging. Perfect!

  77. Y***E

    Well received your

  78. M***a

    Watch delivered, very chic, works, additional notice will follow after trying it. The seller is very honest and serious, he replied to my messages in time, thank you very much seller.
    no remark

  79. A***.

    All right, only tips no glow.

  80. S***v

    Initially ordered a black watch with a blue dial. Came black with a black dial. But these are also high, all buttons and dials work. Thank you. All successful purchases.
    no remark

  81. P***Z

    It's really luxury very good value for money very good exceptional finishes

  82. U***u

    Well all right thanks

  83. C***n

    This is a very fine watch and looks amazing. For the price it's totally worth it. The clasp is a bit tricky at first but once you set it to your size; there's no adjustments needed. Part of the instructions mention not using it between 9pm-3am due to mechanics of it. Something to do with the calendar. Bit confusing.
    no remarkno remark

  84. B***y

    Very satisfied

  85. P***a

    Very nice, very good quality, supplier and brand recommended.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  86. K***c

    Time in the past. look in different colors with one go thinking. Shipping fast
    no remark

  87. S***m

    It's a fairly good watch ! It would be better if the leather strap is in blue just to match the blue dial.

  88. A***h

    It came in a good package. The box with the UAZ logo)))) is the same as in the photo. The strap is clear that the hat, well, then what to want for such a sum. They stand their own turkeys! They look great. Later, if I do not forget, I will add feedback. The movement of the mechanism, the color of the case, the resistance to scratches of the glass.
    Somewhere Seiko Kinetic are lying, rubles 14 something is worth,
    DYK these look solid and more expensive!
    Took because of the design, did not crash.
    The seller will check, sent quickly.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  89. F***r

    Hi All! seller recommend!!! Firstly, delivery by new mail, large +. Secondly, everything works, the clock is as color as stated. look worthy! I bought my son for a gift. Son satisfied
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  90. J***n

    Cool. Everything works. Looks chic

  91. T***p

    Looks great in person. No idea how to attach the clasp but I’m sure I can figure it out!
    no remark

  92. S***p


  93. M***A

    Very beautiful recommend!

  94. A***a

    On the left day of the week divided in the middle of the Roman, it is not clear why. On the right month of the year, I hope it will relocate itself, although it is very easy to manage by a button. The case does not look huge, due to its special form it seems thinner in itself. The glass even casts blue and the figure is rather emerald with a pleasant cold in color. You need to carefully translate the date, can eat.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  95. A***v

    Excellent mechanical watches, all functions on the dial work and are adjusted by buttons. A pretty good strap, a reliable fastener just does not open. Go quite precisely and quietly, the pendulum of the plant itself does not untwist.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  96. D***r

    Products for the operation and so on.
    no remarkno remark

  97. A***l


  98. M***v

    The watch is made qualitatively, look great. The seller sent in a few hours after the order. the delivery is also very fast. To seller Thank you for good goods

  99. I***h

    The clock ordered to Moscow. Himself in Belarus. From Moscow will be brought to the new year (((. Sistre liked… ))) from myself-sending instant… In Moscow came also quickly… I will come to Belarus to use, I will add a review… P.S. Would buy in this Cantor an hour with (turbilion)… If they were cheaper…))) Thanks✌
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  100. A***a

    It's good.
    no remarkno remark

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